In the first phase of PLANNING we focus on Listening to our client needs and Strategizing with them on how best to meet those needs through careful analysis.

We LISTEN to our clients to really understand their vision.  We probe on your goals and what you hope to accomplish so we can meet and exceed expectations.

We STRATEGIZE and build out potential options so that the solutions we provide are customized to your needs.  We provide expert advice and consultation based on over 25 years of combined experience.


In the second phase of CREATION we write out the product specifications that are mutually agreed upon and we begin the design and development processes.

Once we finish listening and strategizing, we start the DESIGN process where we let our creative juices flow.  From the artsy and highly animated to the professional and polished, we provide a face to your products that are elegant yet easy to use.

We DEVELOP our products to our clients’ specifications, ensuring there are ample touch points and discussion to shape the final product.  We build high quality solutions by utilizing the latest technology advancements.


In the final phase of EXECUTION we put the finishing touches to our code, test and debug the software or application and finish with deploying the solution.

We debug and thoroughly TEST the solution to ensure optimal user experience and customer satisfaction.

Once the client approves the final product, we DEPLOY the solution to the world and provide training to your users so they adapt and can use the new technology.  If requested, on-going support can be available.