MTL Systems Limited is a full-service IT solutions provider.  Our services including the following:

  • Strategy and Consultation
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Website Development and Design
  • Graphic Design and Animation
  • Software & Systems Development

We utilize a unique solution development process which helps us ensure we build the right products that meet client needs.  From design and development to software deployment, MTL focuses on quality delivery of final products at affordable prices.

According to a Google survey, over 78% of East Africans access the internet through their mobile phone. To be found by customers and to access customers regularly, organizations should have a mobile presence – be it through mobile applications or the simpler USSD or SMS channels. We offer our customers a superior mobile experience through intelligent design, ease of use, and elegant functionality.

Web design objectives range from generating sales and increasing customer awareness to sharing information and helping companies manage administrative tasks. Your business is unique. As a result, we go to great lengths to understand your business and produce bold designs that reflect your company goals and your website goals.

MTL takes great pride in building and enhancing brands graphic presence to represent the essence of your organization’s vision. From building marketing creative to designing logos, business cards, posters and buzz videos, MTL can help you bring your company to life, creatively and visually to speak to your customers.

Using universally accepted technologies like .NET, PHP, Ajax, Java, JSP, Dreamweaver, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, and others, MTL has built many custom solutions for clients. Past projects have spanned the telecommunication, health service, retail, education, entertainment, travel, and non-profit worlds. We build solutions that are scalable, so as your business changes, so can your technology systems.